GEERT BAECKELANDT (Belgium) : This a fantastic idea.I’d like to participate in this project. JULIUS BERGER ( Germany):It is wonderful initiative, which is so precious! With great affection, I support the „Antonio Janigro Association“. Antonio Janigro was a great musical personality, a great pedagogue, a great human being! His legacy is so precious for us, who knew him and the „Antonio Janigro Association“ will bring his message to the young generation, who had not the chance, to meet him.

Congratulations to this wonderful idea! I will support the initiative with

all my possibilities. I wish great succes to the „Antonio Janigro Association“!VALERIO CASSANO ( Italy) naturally I support this project, it is really interesting and great opportunity for young musicians! ANNETTE CLEARY ( Ireland) What a great idea… of  course, I will help/support in any way I can. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help the association. I might mention that my former teacher Ivan Andrews studied with Janigro and is a great fan. ENRICO DINDO ( Italy) this is a great way to remember the energy of our great Master Janigro towards young musicians. Congratulations and count on me! JEROME DARIEL ( France) Congratulation and if you need me – You are very welcome . VALENTIN ERBEN ( Austria) It’s with great pleasure that I want to join all your colleagues and friends supporting your wonderful project. Again we are living a period where democratic values are put seriously into question. Democracy means dialogue.

Music and the dialogue with music, the dialogue between musicians, and before all between young musicians is one of the strong weapons to fight against this threat. I congratulate you warmly to have undertaken this ambitious project. And I admire you for this. EMMA FERRAND ( Great Britain) A wonderful way to make sure Janigro is not forgotten.  His name will be celebrated wherever and whenever the young make music together .I wish the new orchestra  great success. ALEXANDER GEBERT (Germany-Finland)

GAL FAGANEL ( USA/Slovenia) Exciting FAUSTO GERVASI ( Italy) Fantastic!!! MILAN HUDNIK ( Slovenia) I wish you every success with this significant new venture—it is important to preserve the legacy and values of such a wonderful artist as Antonio Janigro. DAMIR JANIGRO ( USA) I am delighted that you decided to undertake yet another challenge on behalf on my father’s legacy. I am also delighted that this association will be hosted by in my birthplace, where Antonio spent productive and successful years. I want to also convey deep appreciation by my family, my wife Kim, and Mattia and Alice, who are all music aficionados and admirers of Antonio␣s musical talent. I wish you good luck with this endeavor and hope to be of some help in the future. I would be most honored to have a slot on your Board, or to act as an ad hoc advisor. While not a musician, I have been involved in many aspects of musical life here in the States. Again, a thank you from the bottom of my heart! ELLEN KAN YUN (China) We are very glad to hear that you would founding “A. Janigro Association” In past several years, you organized a lot of youth music activities. I was one of the beneficiaries.I believe the establishment of Thank you, dear prof. Dobrila Berkovic, I will try my best let more Chinese music students to participate in our music exchange activities. RALPH KIRSHBAUM ( USA) I wish you every success with this significant new venture—it is important to preserve the legacy and values of such a wonderful artist as Antonio Janigro. All good wishes, MICHAEL KUGEL (Belgium/Netherland/Izrael) Compliments to the idea to celebrate great maestro…I appreciate any activity to promote Janigro’s name and work….Young people should be reminded to the great artists…. ASJA KUSHNER (Rusia)You have great ideas, as always.I wish you a great success.With all my best wishes. ANDRES R. LOPEZ ( Turkey/Spain) I would like to express my total and enthusiastic support to the birth of the Antonio Janigro Assocciation. There is a great need of music and culture in the lives of our younger generations and a wonderful initiative like this must be appreciated and supported by governments and sponsors.BORO MARTINIĆ ( USA/Croatia))This is great news! Count me in, I will help in any way I can. Best wishes. FANNY NEMETH WEISS ( Hungary) I am responding to your Facebook status regarding the “A.Janigro Association”. I think it’s a fantastic idea, and if you’d like me to,I would be more than happy to write a more official letter of support for you. Also , since I’m going to be around Europe at least for the next couple of months , I’d be happy to be more involved with the project than just a letter (playing, teaching, coaching…etc),if there was an opportunity/need for that. MEEHAE RYO ( Korea)Your effort is so wonderful especially to encourage young musicians. If Soondeog and I could support and help you in any way, please give us ideas to work together. We will be happy to be a part of your great project. ELDAR SAPARAYEV ( Switzerland/Kazahstan)That’s a great idea .I will send your mail to all my colleges. GIOVANNI SOLLIMA ( Italy) Fantastic project!❤️ TROELS SVANE ( Danmark/Germany) that sounds like a great idea and a wonderful project!.

GIOVANNI RICCIARDI ( Italy) I love this project, Janigro was not only a splendid cellist and musician but was a great man.

GUSTAVO TAVARES ( Brazil/Norway) A very nice idea and a well deserved homage, I`m looking forward to follow its further development.